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  • Joseph Santoianni
  • Jean-Pierre Di Blasio
  • Peter Hoffmann

Pyramiddevcor was founded in 1984 and its directors have a combined 90 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate business.

The Pyramiddevcor Group invests by forming either joint ventures, limited partnerships, or by combining capital from equity raised in Canada, U.S.A and Europe. To date, the Pyramiddevcor Group and its partners have closed on over 300 million dollars of residential and commercial real estate. We have also facilitated transactions of over 60 million dollars (due diligence), for private and institutional investors. Our careful analysis and prudent management has resulted in over 60 successful partnerships. We manage every property as if it were an independent business, with meticulous attention to the bottom line.

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Legal Counsel
Zambito Paolino Santoianni
Francis M. Santoianni
514. 255.6915 x 2

Stein Jacobs Krolik
Charles Jacobs
514. 747.7571

Business Development
Joseph N. Petraglia
Astoria Consulting
514. 293.4044

United States

Legal Counsel
Little, Pedersen, Fankhauser, LLP
Paul A. Mohtares
214. 573.2300

Robbins Tapp Cobb & Associates
Ronald W. Robbins
214. 979.2323